Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”

Well, howdy, friends, relatives, and well-wishers! As promised last week, I've got some thoughts on what to do now that my breast cancer seems to be cured. To whit, my weight! Long-time readers may recall that last November, when I transitioned the blog from "weight loss" to "all cancer, all the time" like Debbie Downer … Continue reading Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”


ANOTHER blogging break? Good grief!

Yep, that's right! This morning I'm heading up to beautiful Valencia, California, home of one of the few amusement parks left in the world NOT owned by Disney! And I'm not actually going there, but just nearby! It's time once again to visit my oncologist and discuss various & sundry things to do with my … Continue reading ANOTHER blogging break? Good grief!

Just another in-between Wednesday!

Hey everyone, sorry to have deprived you of my glorious presence last week! Not that kind of presence, you clodpate! I meant my aura, my companionship, my ubiety, if you will! Nothing was wrong, I actually felt really good and didn't feel like hopping on the computer to write a blog. So I took a … Continue reading Just another in-between Wednesday!

The Calm Before the Storm, I Guess?

Well, howdy there and welcome back, everyone! I don't really have any news at this point that I haven't already shared with you. Last week, as we all know, we celebrated Thanksgiving here in the Lower 48. Mr. 50by60 and I spent it at the lovely home of his mom, Mrs. 50by60 Senior (I guess? … Continue reading The Calm Before the Storm, I Guess?

Episode 4, A New Hope! (aka Half a Can is Better than None)

Hi, everyone, and welcome to yet another chapter of my Road Trip to Cancer City!! Okay, so I need to work on my titles! Anyway, since last week, I visited an oncologist, who wasn't quite as helpful as I'd hoped but who did clarify a couple of points. Then I went back to my surgeon, … Continue reading Episode 4, A New Hope! (aka Half a Can is Better than None)