Happy Birthday to Moi!

Since yesterday was my birthday...and since I did indeed lose 50 pounds by my 60th birthday (hence the name of this blog)... I've decided the best present I could possibly give myself is... NO WEIGH-IN TODAY YAYYYY!!! So, pass me another cuppa cofveve, and hand me a slice of birthday cake, 'cause this is it … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Moi!


Post-Vacay: Weigh To Go!

Happy Monday, everyone! Yeah, that's right, I'm back from vacay and ready to get back on the treadmill! Figuratively speaking, that is. As you faithful long-time readers of this blog know (hi, Garold Whisler!), I used to LOVE hopping on the treadmill at Anytime Fitness, cueing up the YouTube app to a random Corner Gas episode, and … Continue reading Post-Vacay: Weigh To Go!

The Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Blog Post!

Hey everyone, I'm back from vacay, a couple of pounds heavier but not too upset about it -- mainly because most of the weight consists of the multiple servings of chocolate cake, cheesecake, and macaroni & cheese with crumbled bacon I happily consumed while on board the luxurious Amtrak Coast Starlight!   And since we won't … Continue reading The Not Quite Ready For Prime Time Blog Post!

Summer Vacation? Diet Break!

Well, it's summertime, and for those of you who've been watching my blog (all 2 of you - hi!), I seem to have entered the dreaded -- Weight Loss Plateau! So while I'm not ready to do anything drastic, like change the diet completely which would be kinda silly, 'cause it's WORKING, and you know … Continue reading Summer Vacation? Diet Break!