Friday Five: The Groaning!

Yeah, it's me with yet another blog full of random complaints about why I can't seem to get past Plateau Point, and five ideas about why that might be happening. Here we go: five reasons I can't lose weight! Sugar -- OK, I don't buy into the idea that sugar is the devil, responsible for … Continue reading Friday Five: The Groaning!


It’s Bloggerin’ Time! Starring Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in!

Good morning, campers! Rise and shine! 'Cause once again It's Weekly Weigh-in Time! Ready? Here we go! 221.8 Wow! So even with all my illicit road trip meals of KFC and restaurant mac 'n cheese, I STILL managed to lose almost two pounds? Sweet! It's all about the calories, folks! Just keep countin' 'em, every … Continue reading It’s Bloggerin’ Time! Starring Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in!

Finally, some specifics!!

Heh ... was just rereading my last two posts, and noticed I'd PROMISED, at the end of each one, that I'd delve into the specifics of my plan in the VERY NEXT POST! Well, wait no more! A pleasure deferred is a pleasure increased, so this post should thrill you to your very marrow! Here's … Continue reading Finally, some specifics!!