Totally noncontroversial weigh-in!

Wow, sorry about getting super-controversial last week, folks! What can I say? Sometimes I just gotta let it all hang out! Of course, that's kinda the reason I'm doing a weight loss blog -- too MUCH hanging out (nyuk nyuk!). So let's ditch the controversy this week, and get right to the straight dope! NO, … Continue reading Totally noncontroversial weigh-in!


Same Ol’ Same Ol’!

Hey guys! Gotta make this a quickie weigh-in as I'm off to do some errands, churchy-type stuff, etc. Here we go: 186.0 Same as last week … oh well, I kinda thought with all the walking I'd been doing, not to mention actually writing down my calories (for at least a couple of days!), it'd … Continue reading Same Ol’ Same Ol’!

Are the numbers going the wrong way, or am I?

Well, like the great Wrongway Feldman, I came to an important realization this morning when I did my weigh-in, as follows: 184.0 It's that I'm no longer in weight LOSS mode -- I'm in weight MAINTENANCE mode. And that's a very different space! It also makes the daily weight check a lot less stressful. Instead … Continue reading Are the numbers going the wrong way, or am I?

Pre-Vacay Weigh!

Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday! Here's my weigh-in -- 188.2 Up just a tad from last week. Oh well, really, that's OK! I've decided that for the next few weeks, I'm gonna temporarily shift my focus from losing to maintaining. See, Mr. 50by60 and I going on yet another Vacay Train Trip starting this … Continue reading Pre-Vacay Weigh!