Lazy Friday Five: Recent Hike Photos

Good morning, everyone (yawn)! Don't know about you, but I'm savoring every second of the last remaining, and rapidly waning, days containing that beautiful extra hour we got last fall, before it's yanked from our clutching arms! So as you can imagine, I'm not too keen on spending too much of that precious, precious time … Continue reading Lazy Friday Five: Recent Hike Photos


Friday Five: Just a bunch of photos

Happy Friday, everyone! Yeah, I know, not so happy for a lot of people. Well, when I'm sad, something in my brain clicks over and I start doing (or at least, wanting to do) new and/or creative things. Or maybe just go for a walk. All of which I've been doing, over the past couple … Continue reading Friday Five: Just a bunch of photos

Monday Weigh-In: Finally, Fall!

And the first thing that's falling is -- my weight! Let's start with that, shall we? 'Cause I'm pretty happy about it! Remember last week when I was up to 186.2, post-potluck? Well, feast your orbs on THIS! 183.6 Yes, the weight is falling -- and that's appropriate, 'cause it's finally FALL, y'all! OK, yeah, … Continue reading Monday Weigh-In: Finally, Fall!