Weigh-In: Post-Valentine Chocolate Overload Edition!

Welp, good morning, friends & neighbors! Time for my post-Valentine, pre-Road Trip weigh-in. Let's get this over with quickly, shall we? Today's weigh-in is (gulp): 180.0 Sigh -- up a little since last time! Oh well, as mentioned above, I'm heading out on yet another one of my famous L.A.-Phoenix Road Trips, which consists mainly … Continue reading Weigh-In: Post-Valentine Chocolate Overload Edition!


Mid-week interlude: Ash Wednesday and book quiz

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone! Not to mention that "other" holiday:   Anyhoo, Amy over at Bibliophile posted this interesting quiz on her blog a week ago, the "This or That Book Tag," and at first I thought she'd tagged me on it. Then I went back and reread her comment with my eyes a little … Continue reading Mid-week interlude: Ash Wednesday and book quiz