Slow running and bad poetry, all in one place!

Hey, everyone! Sorry, I know I've been remiss in posting on my super wildly popular blog here at WordPress. But today I'll remedy that omission by telling you that not only did I do a really nice, long (for me!) run today (over 5,000 steps/1.5 miles, thankyouverramuch!), I also composed the following horrible poem when … Continue reading Slow running and bad poetry, all in one place!


Friday is for cleanup!

Hey, everyone! Didja miss me yesterday? Well, I didn't miss you! Okay, okay, I don't mean you *personally,* just blogging in general! I know I got you all used to Thursday being the "new" blogging day, and now here I am on Friday?? And now you've got that song stuck in your head. Sorry! … Continue reading Friday is for cleanup!

Good morning, world! Time for a cancer update!

Hey, guess what? It's been five months plus one day since my lumpectomy! So I thought I'd just let you know how I'm doing, boob-wise. My scar is still very visible but seems to be healing nicely. Actually, I have two of them, one right on the booby itself and one under the arm from … Continue reading Good morning, world! Time for a cancer update!

My new diet: eat whatever you want, any time you want!

So hey, everyone, don't know if you remember a few years ago when I was touting the "No S Diet," invented by Reinhardt Engels. He's an engineer so it MUST be good, right? The basic premise was (and still is, I'm pretty sure!) that you eat three meals a day with no snacks, sweets, or … Continue reading My new diet: eat whatever you want, any time you want!

Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”

Well, howdy, friends, relatives, and well-wishers! As promised last week, I've got some thoughts on what to do now that my breast cancer seems to be cured. To whit, my weight! Long-time readers may recall that last November, when I transitioned the blog from "weight loss" to "all cancer, all the time" like Debbie Downer … Continue reading Balancing “Body Positivity” with “Ouch, my bones!”

Week Three — Almost Free!

That's right, y'all -- just three more days (including today) and I'm DONE with my four weeks of radiation treatments! Although that means I'll have to find some other motivation to get out of bed in the morning, especially since we just started Daylight Savings Time out here. Still, I'm gonna try to get out … Continue reading Week Three — Almost Free!

Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Well, good morning, everyone! I had all sorts of great ideas for my blog post this week, which I'll now present in the style of one of my favorite Reddit subgroups, "Saved You A Click" : 1. Why you shouldn't listen to music while you're walking or jogging (makes you move faster than you normally … Continue reading Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Just a flesh wound!

Yeah, it's a teensy little gain: 198.0 But it could have been worse! Last week, in case you didn't notice, I took the week off and did one of my legendary "road trips" to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, where it only got up to about 122 degrees Fahrenheit at, um, 9:00 AM. So not too bad, … Continue reading Just a flesh wound!

Wednesday Wildflower Walk Weigh-In!

Good morning, peeps! Great to see you! How are you holding up? Feel free to rant in the comments! First things first: the weigh-in! 197.4 Down a pound, which is nothing to sneeze at! And speaking of sneezing ... yours truly saw some lovely wildflowers on a hiking trail in an undisclosed location in the … Continue reading Wednesday Wildflower Walk Weigh-In!

Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!

First, let's get this out of the "weigh" (get it?): Oh, it's funny, all right! All humor at is guaranteed to make you laugh, or you get a full refund on your admission price! OK, okay*! Here ya go, my Offishul Way-In for the Weak: 195.4 There ya go, down a little from last … Continue reading Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!