Week Two Is Through, Weight Loss Tips for Cancer Patients (really? yes!) and the 5-to-1 Rule with Bob and Brad!

Well, hello everyone! Week Two of radiation therapy is through, and by the time you read this, I'll be halfway through Week Three! It may seem counterintuitive to talk about losing weight being a positive thing when you've got cancer. However, as many fellow breast cancer patients can testify, there definitely are some people who … Continue reading Week Two Is Through, Weight Loss Tips for Cancer Patients (really? yes!) and the 5-to-1 Rule with Bob and Brad!


Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!

Good morning, and happy Tuesday, everyone! First of all, I wanted to express my sympathies to all the victims of gun violence over the past few days. It's heart-wrenching and happens all too often. Let's see if we can do anything useful about it *this* time, ok? Anyway, my weight remains steady: 186.0 in spite … Continue reading Another week fighting the fat (and patriarchy)!

Why it’s a good idea to weigh yourself every day

Good morning, everyone! Yes, it's Monday again, and time for the weekly weigh-in. Ready? Here we go! 184.4 Hmm, let's see ... last week, it was 183.6, so I'm up 0.8 pounds. Should I be concerned? Nah, definitely not! And here's why: even though I only post my WEEKLY weigh-in here on this blog, I've … Continue reading Why it’s a good idea to weigh yourself every day

Pre-Vacay Weigh!

Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday! Here's my weigh-in -- 188.2 Up just a tad from last week. Oh well, really, that's OK! I've decided that for the next few weeks, I'm gonna temporarily shift my focus from losing to maintaining. See, Mr. 50by60 and I going on yet another Vacay Train Trip starting this … Continue reading Pre-Vacay Weigh!

Friday Five: Where’s my parade??

Well, it's been a fun week! Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and helped me along the way! However, now that I've reached my goal weight (the FIRST goal, that is -- I'll be setting a new one soon!), I realized that, fat or thin, there are a few things that won't change -- … Continue reading Friday Five: Where’s my parade??

In a holding pattern …

Hmm...let's see: last week's weight was 191.4*****. What's this week's weight, you ask? Well, lemme tell ya: 191.4 Yup, still hanging' around the ol' Plateau Point bus stop! Still, I'm not discouraged. In my daily weigh-ins during the past week, I was heartened when the numbers actually dipped slightly below 190, for a few brief … Continue reading In a holding pattern …

Weekly Weigh-in, Pre- or Post-Patriotic Holiday Edition (depending on your location)!

Hey, happy Monday! Looks like a great week for all us patriots (and those who enjoy short work weeks, heh heh!). Starting yesterday, we had: And of course, later this week it's our turn, down here in the Lower 48: So whichever part of the Northern American continent* you're reading this from, enjoy your special … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in, Pre- or Post-Patriotic Holiday Edition (depending on your location)!

Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In, Humble-bragging edition!

Let's be candid, shall we? I don't always take my own advice. (Yeah, I know, shocking, right?) For example, I'm always pushing the excellent weigh-in strategy recommended by Jay over at aworkoutroutine.com, about weighing yourself every day, then using the *average* for the week for your weekly weigh-in. And it's a great idea! It makes … Continue reading Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In, Humble-bragging edition!

Friday Five: How to Stick To It!

Are you one of those people who made a New Year's resolution to diet and/or exercise? And are you already having trouble sticking to that resolution? Hey -- welcome to the human race! We're glad to have you around. And if you haven't completely given up, here are five ideas to help you stick to … Continue reading Friday Five: How to Stick To It!

Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in — Post-Holiday Edition!

Well, good morning, friends and neighbors! Don't forget your booties, 'cause it's COLD out there! Anyway, let's get to what you've been waiting for - the moment when I face the music and weigh in, following a holiday week of unbridled foodly exuberance! Ready? Here goes: 216.8 Wow ... um ... that's actually great!! Not … Continue reading Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in — Post-Holiday Edition!