Post-Road Trip, Pre-Lent Weigh-In

Good morning, everyone! Yes, that's right -- as I've occasionally mentioned in this blog before, I'm an Eastern Catholic (Byzantine, Ruthenian, Greek Catholic, or whatever). We're simple folk with different ways, but we're cool. Anyway, the main thing to know about us as it relates to this blog is that even though we're Catholic, we … Continue reading Post-Road Trip, Pre-Lent Weigh-In


Weigh-In: Post-Valentine Chocolate Overload Edition!

Welp, good morning, friends & neighbors! Time for my post-Valentine, pre-Road Trip weigh-in. Let's get this over with quickly, shall we? Today's weigh-in is (gulp): 180.0 Sigh -- up a little since last time! Oh well, as mentioned above, I'm heading out on yet another one of my famous L.A.-Phoenix Road Trips, which consists mainly … Continue reading Weigh-In: Post-Valentine Chocolate Overload Edition!

Oops, I did it again!

...forgot to write my usual "Friday Five" blog post, that is! Sorry about that! Oh well, you know what I was doing instead? I was getting my glasses adjusted -- AND exercising, at (almost) the same time! See, my glasses get out of kilter very easily, always tilting just a little too much to the … Continue reading Oops, I did it again!

Monday Weigh-In: Steady As She Goes!

Happy Monday, everyone! OK, let's start right in with the weigh-in! 177.6 Awesome! Down a full pound since last week! Although in the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that I did an *unofficial* weigh-in about an hour before the *official* one, and it was 178.4. So this week's Hot Weight Loss Tip: … Continue reading Monday Weigh-In: Steady As She Goes!

Friday Five (minus about 4): That’s Snow Good!

Heh, yeah, I know, I know... However, my excuse for not posting my regular Friday Five this morning isn't a whole lot better. Basically, I forgot, 'cause I've been out enjoying the beautiful sunny Southern California weather! Haha -- yeah, that's snow (or at least the remains of it!). I did a nice long walk … Continue reading Friday Five (minus about 4): That’s Snow Good!

Monday Weigh-In: Après le Week of Walks!

OK, campers, rise and shine! And don't forget your booties, 'cause it's COLD out there! Even here in sunny Southern California, it's a brisk … oh, let's see … 51 degrees Fahrenheit -- brr!! Too cold for me to do anything but blog, I guess. Oh yeah, and weigh myself … I guess … let's … Continue reading Monday Weigh-In: Après le Week of Walks!

2019 7-Day Walking Challenge is DONE!!

OK, everyone, as of a short time ago, I OFFICIALLY completed my (self-imposed) 2019 7-Day Walking Challenge! So yay me! (and thanks to Mr. 50by60 for the help!) Tomorrow morning, we'll find out if all this walking had any effect on my weekly weigh-in. Will I FINALLY break through Plateau Point... and get back to the … Continue reading 2019 7-Day Walking Challenge is DONE!!

Day 6 — It’s Groundhog Day (Again)

I was debating just copying & pasting yesterday's post, to see if you'd get the joke. But I decided, nahh, that's way too esoteric. Anyway, Day 6's walk is done. And in spite of the rain, it was very nice, although about 20 minutes into it, we saw what was *almost* a nasty car-vs-bike accident … Continue reading Day 6 — It’s Groundhog Day (Again)

Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors

Happy Friday, everyone! (**UPDATE: Day 5 walk DONE! see photos at end!) Hey, remember the other day when some of you (no names!) were all upset because you couldn't go outside and walk for more than a few minutes without your fingers and toes falling off? 'Cause you're all, y'know, snowflakes? Well, for those of … Continue reading Friday Five: 5 Ways to Walk Indoors