Back From the Precipice!

Good morning, good morning! And it IS a good morning, in spite of the fierce winds currently blowing outside our lovely estate here in the beautiful San Fernando Valley, because after (finally!) getting back to jotting down my calories on a daily basis, the needle on the scale (or the electronic equivalent thereof) budged: 193.8 … Continue reading Back From the Precipice!


Insert Humorous Blog Post Title Here (or, “What? It’s Wednesday Already?”)

Yeah, I wasn't really prepared for this, after sustaining a minor but very annoying injury on an otherwise enjoyable hike this past Monday when, in my best Peter Griffin imitation, I slipped and whacked my kneecap on a very hard, irritatingly unyielding rock! Contrary to all the concerned Facebook comments I got when I posted … Continue reading Insert Humorous Blog Post Title Here (or, “What? It’s Wednesday Already?”)

Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!

First, let's get this out of the "weigh" (get it?): Oh, it's funny, all right! All humor at is guaranteed to make you laugh, or you get a full refund on your admission price! OK, okay*! Here ya go, my Offishul Way-In for the Weak: 195.4 There ya go, down a little from last … Continue reading Hiking for Fun and (sometimes) Weight Loss!

First 2020 Weigh-In: Danger Zone!!

All right, let's get it over with!! 196.8 Yikes! Definitely up quite a bit since the last weigh-in before Christmas. And I'm much too close to my self-imposed "danger zone" border line (200 pounds) for comfort! However, it's not QUITE as bad as it could have been. Mainly because of this AWESOME WEIGHT LOSS TIP … Continue reading First 2020 Weigh-In: Danger Zone!!