Eau deer … another gain!

Yeah, the weight's not really looking too good this week: 189.2 Drat! Well, to be honest, I haven't really been following through on the advice I keep giving all of YOU nice folks! In fact, I've been doing the opposite - NOT counting my calories, NOT exercising as much as I need to, etc. I … Continue reading Eau deer … another gain!


True Confessions of a Weight Loss Blogger!

Yikes! Sorry to be late checking in! I was on vacation last week in beautiful, sunny Arizona (because of course, where else would anyone go for vacation in early September?) and what with visiting all the relatives and noshing on the fabulous La Quinta continental breakfast every morning... I just never got around to blogging! … Continue reading True Confessions of a Weight Loss Blogger!

Sigh…okay, back to the grind, then!

Yeah, the bad news is: 189.0 Yikes! Well, that's what happens when you (a) don't count your calories and (b) spend a whole lotta time with your feet up on your comfy recliner binge-watching "30 Rock" during the "dog days" of summer! The good news is, it's a wake-up call to get back to the … Continue reading Sigh…okay, back to the grind, then!