Rhymin’ daily averaging weigh-in, Day 2!

Wow, two posts in a row – exciting, huh? Try not to get too used to it, it’s only for one week!!

Anyway, so this morning’s weigh-in is:


and just to have a little fun with math, let’s add that to yesterday’s and do a quickie two-day average, shall we? Let’s see, 198.0 plus 196.8 … carry the one … wait, carry the … hmm … uh …

math hard

oh, crap, I’m just gonna use the calculator!

198.0 + 196.8 = 394.8 divided by 2 = 197.4 for the two-day average!

See, that’s already lookin’ better than yesterday, right?

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll have the THREE-day average!

Oh, and it’s election day here in California, so remember:

Image result for vote early and often


*oh, and technical note, I’m not gonna count these daily weigh-ins on the little widget thingie showing how much weight I’ve lost so far — that’ll continue to just be updated on Mondays. In case you were wondering. You probably didn’t even notice it till I told you about it. You know what? Never mind. Carry on. 



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