Memento mori, so pass the Doritos!

office space memento

First of all, excuse me if this post makes it sound like I’m depressed or something. Far from it – I’m actually enjoying our beautiful, mild fall weather here in sunny Southern California!

happy fall so cal.jpg

But every once in a while, I do wax philosophic! And during the last couple of weeks, Mr. 50by60 and I have attended not one, but TWO, funerals, for a couple of wonderful people from our church. And whenever I have to go to a funeral, it kinda makes me ponder this whole “diet” thing (for a while, anyway!).

die diet.jpg

I mean, why exactly am I trying to lose all this weight for, again? I mean, yeah, to be able to do more outdoorsy stuff, because I like doing outdoorsy stuff (except when it’s too hot, or too cold, or too wet, or too dry). And yeah, to be healthier so I can live longer (because all those Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime shows ain’t gonna binge-watch themselves!).

pope forgive binge.jpg

But am I doing it because I really want to do it? Or because I think I should do it? Man, that’s a tough one! I mean, it ultimately speaks to the reality of our mortality here on Planet Earth, right? We all have a limited amount of time here on the Biosphere, so how do we want to use that time?

productive use of time

Back in the olden days, the Latin-rite Catholics had a saying: “Memento Mori.” Loosely translated, it means, “Remember, you’re gonna die!” Whatever you might think about the Catholic Church these days (and believe me, I get it!), it was actually a good reminder: get your priorities in order. Figure out what’s really important, in the light of, well, eternity!

eternity long nun.jpg

So I guess all this is my long-winded way of revealing that, YES I had a bit of a gain this past week:

little kicks

and YES, I still want to lose a bit more weight, because I want to stick around for quite a while!

chocolates life

But NO, I’m not letting it worry me! Life is short no matter what you do, and YES, it’s important to stay as healthy as you can, as long as you can, but sooner or later … sooner or later, Jake, we all go to Chinatown. (Or, in my case, Yogurtland!)


(Well, that was nicely morbid, huh? Don’t worry, next week’s post should be a bit more upbeat AND I’ll reveal all the fun facts about the newest member of our household, Pumpkin!)

cat terms.jpg



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