Another effin’ blog break?? But whyyyy???

Morning, friends, fans, and relatives (and I suspect most of you are the latter, so hi, cousins!!)! Welcome to another edition of Why I Don’t Feel Like Writing a Blog Post This Morning!

(from Kristen Lamb’s “Why I hate blogging…but do it anyway)

In my defense, it’s been a busy week, what with Mr. 50by60 being forced to defend our property line from a ravenous would-be land snatcher,

Land. La-land. "See 'Snatch'."

me actually getting back into a regular walking (and even running!) schedule,

and something kinda new, working part-time at my brand-new* church’s office, making copies of the bulletin, answering phones, and whatnot.

*brand-new being my membership there, not the church itself, which has been around a while. Full disclosure: I’m now officially a card-carrying Episcopalian, just like the late great “Mork”!

Yup, I’ve finally shaken off the yoke of Rome (or Constantinople, I guess, having been Byzantine for the past 15 years!) to put on the yoke if — what? Canterbury? Kind of, although American Episcopalians seem to be more admirers of the C of E from a distance, rather than following them directly. I’m still dipping my toes in their fresh springs of water, though, so won’t presume to give you any more info, other than that I’m pretty comfy there for the moment so I think it was a good move all round!

Finally, another reason I didn’t want to do a post this morning is that my dad is in the hospital following some heart problems last night, so waiting to hear what’s going on with him. Last I heard he was feeling better and they’re running lots of tests, so hopefully he’ll be home soon. Will let you know when I know more (and if you’re one of those relatives I referred to above, please don’t mention this in your Facebook comments yet!). Just keep sending up those prayers – thanks!

Okay, there you go, all the reasons I’m not writing a blog post today– hey, wait a minute!!

I just wrote one! Tricky, tricky blog post readers! Well, just remember, Hallowe’en is coming, so you’ll get yours!

See ya next week, when I’m REALLY gonna do a blog post!!


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