A somber Weigh-In Day

I’m going to keep this a bit short, as I’m on my way to a 9/11 observance.

However, it’s a good number this morning – ready?



Last week was 235.1, so that means I’m right on track for losing the sacred one to two pounds a week, as recommended by all the top legit scientists, dieticians, nutritionists, MyFitnessPal, fake would-be diet gurus, and of course, Richard Simmons (bless his heart).


So it’s a good day!

Of course, it’s also 9/11 Remembrance Day, hence the “somber” part of my blog title.

And of course, as pretty much everyone over five years of age will for the rest of their lives, I do remember EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing on that fateful day.

However, I’ve decided this is the year to start looking forward, not backward. We live in a world of troubles, and there’s not much any one of us can do about it, except clear our own paths, and make the world a little better for the people around us.

So that’s what I’m gonna try to do today. How about you?

(Unused Pingback Word of the Day: Sympathy)


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