Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

Well, good morning, everyone! I had all sorts of great ideas for my blog post this week, which I’ll now present in the style of one of my favorite Reddit subgroups, “Saved You A Click” :

1. Why you shouldn’t listen to music while you’re walking or jogging (makes you move faster than you normally would, which might cause damage to your joints if you have arthritis)

2. After you check your weight, don’t forget to check this other important number (waist size, as well as other bodily measurements, may show improvement even when you’re going through a weight loss plateau)

3. Make this one substitute to your normal breakfast menu to save over 100 calories (switch from coffee to diet soda, if you’re using coffee for the caffeine hit, because most of us tend to add lots of sweetener and creamer to coffee which adds a lot more calories)

And you have to admit, any one of those ideas would have made a pretty decent topic for a blog post about weight loss, right?

However, I’m not writing about ANY of those brilliant clickbait-worthy ideas today, because our cat, Pumpkin, annoyed with us for forcing her to stay INSIDE the house last night (so we could lock the cat door and thus keep the marauding, dry cat food-loving raccoons, out), showed her displeasure by knocking over the weird-but-vintage-so-it’s-okay “valet stand” I keep next to my bed, not once but twice, whacking me on the noggin with my Kindle Fire, as depicted in this dramatic reenactment!

So as you might imagine, I didn’t sleep too well, and now I really need both that diet soda AND that coffee, so tip #3 is right out the window, there. Along with Pumpkin, who’s sitting complacently out in the yard, licking her oh-so-delicate paws and meditating on which piece of furniture she’ll knock over tonight.

So there you go, three (kinda) great blog posts shot down by one tiny little black cat! But y’know, at least she makes up for it by being cute, not to mention multitalented (or is that multi-taloned?)–

That’s it for me! I’m outta here, heading for the gym (re idea #2, my waist size actually has gone down a bit, so even though my weight is still “SAME!” I’m happy about that!). See you next week!


One thought on “Writing my blog in a cat-induced fog!

  1. hahaha….I love your blog! Pumpkin what a sweet name for such a little devil! I hate not getting a full nights sleep. Makes me nuts! I switched to sugar free creamer in my coffee (I know I know…all that bad stuff) but I NEED my coffee with sweetener. I also just tried the new Coke zero flavors, orange vanilla, its good! They have others as well. A big help when you are craving something sweet. 🙂

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