Is that gal EVER going to update her verkakte blog??

It’s probably true, as both nutrition experts and fat positive activists have warned for decades, that there’s no perfect diet, that most people who try to lose weight wind up regaining it all and then some, and that, frankly, most people (mostly women!) who think their bodies aren’t “perfect,” are really just great the way they are.

With that depressing caveat in mind, let me tell you about the new diet plan I’m on! It’s called the Healthi app, and the biggest selling point for me is that it’s basically got knock-off versions of older, discontinued Weight Watchers plans, only using Bites! instead of Points!,

long, tantalizing lists of “free” foods, and even a fairly decent online “community.” No in-person meetings, like WW, but honestly I was never big on the meetings and frankly am kind of a misanthrope anyway, so that’s not a problem for me!

(Also, forgot to mention yesterday when I posted this, a one-year membership in Healthi costs about the same as one MONTH in WW!! So being a cheapskate, that definitely appealed to me!) Anyway, if you want more info, Ali over at Champagne and Coffee Stains has a good breakdown of Healthi vs. WW, as well as other diet plans, so give her a read! It’s a good blog!

So far the Healthi thingamajig is working okay for me. I’ve dropped about 3 pounds since I started two weeks ago. Not spectacular but not bad either. Especially since I’ve always been a proponent (in public, anyway) of the long, slow weight loss as opposed to the dramatic drop. Of course, like all frustrated dieters, I secretly dream about waking up one fine morning to find all my extra pounds have up and skedaddled, like in that Doctor Who episode.

Doctor Who, “Partners in Crime,” Catherine Tate & David Tennant

Still, better down than up, I guess. And like most diets, the novelty factor should keep me going for a while.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much recently with that OTHER half of the perennial dieter’s playbook, namely exercise, due to the fact that, as you know, I prefer to exercise outside, which has been rendered nigh on impossible recently because: 1) it’s been raining cats and dogs here in beautiful sunny Southern California, and 2) one of those cats keeps landing in my super comfy lap!!

So as you can imagine, movement of ALL sorts is a little tricky for me right now! But summer is on the way, the cats have to get off my lap to eat and poop once in a while, and hey, the rain HAS to stop sometime, right? Right??

Well, one way or the other, I’m gonna get out there and work it all out! Meanwhile, hope YOU are having a great time with your life! Let me know in the comments what challenges YOU’RE dealing with in your attempts to stick to your plan, whatever it may be! Take care and stay dry!


3 thoughts on “Is that gal EVER going to update her verkakte blog??

  1. Well done cousin! I am also trying to watch why l am eating. Am l really hungry, thirsty, maybe bored or depressed? All influence eating. Plus l try to wait 20 mins after eating to see if l am really hungry and need another helping. Doing pretty good with this, unless it is cheesecake!

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