It’s so hot even this post is melting!

Well, hey, loyal readers! You may have noticed this post is a little late. That’s because it’s currently [checks pyrometer] 114 degrees Fahrenheit here in the beautiful San Fernando Valley!

So I decided to do all my vigorous stuff (exercise, shopping, etc.) in the [relative] cool of the morning (I say “relative” because it was already 92 degrees at 9:00 AM), and do a leisurely drive up into slightly cooler Ventura County and back before subjecting myself to the fire hose that is our air quality right now!

I actually had some clever stuff to put in the blog today, all about how even though I’m about to turn 64,

I suddenly realized that, unlike the stereotype of clueless old people who only know music from when they were teenagers, I actually know several pop songs that were written during the past decade! In fact, please say a big hello to my current earworm, Mr. Harry Styles, who’s been living royalty-free in my brain for the past couple of weeks.

And yeah, Harry, we get it, it’s definitely not the same as it was, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! For example, we have way more calorie- and other macro-counting apps available now than we did even a few years ago, and they all have one thing in common:

  1. They keep all their best parts behind a paywall.

Even the venerable MyFitnessPal app, which you may recall I said, last week, I was reverting to instead of Weight Watchers, is going to go for the gold starting October 1, plus their app is no longer available on my antiquated-but-still-works cell phone, so being the cheapskate that I am, I’ve settled on a much less cash-intensive alternative.

I mean, I do have pens around the house, somewhere, and our local real estate agent (hi, Ada Pena!) keeps us supplied with cute little shopping list pads with her name on them, so it’s definitely a low-budget, low-tech way to keep track of them calories! I did sign up for another app called “LoseIt,” which works about as well as MFP, but they, too, are trying to wrest my hard-earned $$ out of my stingy little hands, so I’ll probably be losing LoseIt pretty soon!

I’d really like to write more, but the heat is seeping through the floorboards and plaster and threatening to give me a hard time, so I think I’ll just stop here! Oh, and Harry Styles, if you’re reading this, your song is great! but you know, there’s always room for improvement, so may I suggest …


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